Content for your Interior Design Blog

Content for your Interior Design Blog

There are plenty of ways that you can blog while you could just be sharing images of your pretty designs there is something else about writing some decent, vibrant interior design blogs. Worthy interior design blogs will have people commenting, sharing and just falling in love with. 

What does content-rich mean?

Content-rich simply means that your website is valuable to the target market. The best way to find out if your content is rich is to ask the question - "Will this content help my reader?". For example; if your blog is solely surrounding all things coastal interior design, that content-rich would mean all the content relevant to this overall subject.

The How-To Post

It is important to teach your reader just how to do stuff that is related to what you are offering. If you are a paint consultant then you are not going to teach the crowd how much material is needed to re-upholster instead being a paint consultant you would be teaching the crowd how to estimate the amount of pint they need for a specific job like painting a room or painting a cupboard. You may also want to create a post on beach homewares and let your reader in on some hidden gems that sell unique coastal homewares for their home.


Designers have sketches, mood boards and notes everywhere. There are also photos of certain items that you may be sourcing for the latest project that you are working on. You should be letting your readers in on the process in a visual way. This will help you to direct them over to your design service page.

Your Process

What is the design process you follow? How did you come up with this? I explain the whole process is going to be huge then you can consider breaking it up into several different posts which is a good idea to give them something to come back to get.

Top Tips

You have intelligence, and you know a lot of stuff from your education and experience. Share your tips online like how to measure a room, tips for picking the right colour etc. If you have some great resources that may be helpful to others, then get sharing.

Share Your Opinion

Share your opinions will show that you have something to say. If you are over mason jars, then write about how mason jars are off your want list and why. Do you have a better alternative to the mason jars that you think people would like to know about?

How did you start?

Include on your blog post just how you got started. What led you to this decision? What fuels do you want for interior design?

Answer their questions

If you have created a FAQ page, then you can use those questions in a blog post. You can then elaborate on the process or service but include their problem somewhere within that.

This is great to share with the readers' because it shows different mistakes you have made and how they were addressed. You may not want to share your mistakes, but we all make them so share your error and how you fixed it. This will help others that are in your situation or those who want to prevent making the same mistakes.

Teach It

Write a post that teaches the audience. You can write a post about what steps are needed for you to accessorise your coffee table. If you have your formula, mention it and create images where you can.

Including most of these on your interior design blog will ensure that you have the best blog out there will many followers, sharers and more to come.