How An Apprenticeship Can Change Your Life

How An Apprenticeship Can Change Your Life

There is no doubt that an apprenticeship can be a life-changing experience. You end up meeting some really talented people while getting the practical training you need. When I was studying I did an apprenticeship at an amazing IT support firm in Melbourne and it definitely helped my career. 

Earn while you learn

You can still enjoy having a social life but still be getting an income.  An apprenticeship starts off on a very basic wage, but the wage will increase once the first year of training has been completed. In my job, I got to do cloud data recovery tasks and I was making good money! Most times, if you are a good worker-employer, will be happy to keep you on even when you have completed the course. 

Receive recognised qualifications

An apprenticeship has different levels and each one last 12 months. Once you have completed you are given a certificate showing your qualifications that you can show to the future employers. The levels are as follows: level 2 level 3 and then right through to level six which is a degree level and then level 7 which is a master’s degree.

Gain independence and respect

When you are working in a company you will learn different things like how to behave within a working environment and how to take responsibility for your own actions. This will gain you respect within the workplace which will then give you the confidence and motivation you need to carry out your responsibilities.

Benefit from the ongoing and personal support

When you start your apprenticeship, you will be given an assessor which is responsible for setting out your work and guiding you through the course. They are there to answer queries you may have and provide you with ongoing support that will suit your needs. They are on hand to help whenever you need it.

Gain real work experience

School life is very different from the working life. An apprenticeship is a way for you to ease into the work-life while you have people around you to help and guide you along shall you need it. You co-workers will show you the ropes of what the everyday working life is so it won’t take you long to fit in.

Improve your employability

An apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to experience your chosen career and to make you more employable to other companies. Completing an apprenticeship shows that you can handle full-time work while also studying in order to complete the element of your course. Dedication is important to employers who will value your work ethic.

Receive discounts

Being an apprentice, you are still technically classed as a student so you are actually entitled to student discounts. This gives you access to cheaper clothing, work shoes any work equipment you may need etc. What you are entitled to will be down to where you are located.

Develop skills

When you start an apprenticeship, you might not end up having all of the skills that you need to go onto the chosen career. Most often you will be provided with an opportunity to sit the extra course or take certain skill tests which will enable you to move on within the business.

Discover your earning potential

Apprentices have increased the future earning potential from the course of their job industry. If you progress to a more advanced apprenticeship and complete it then you can earn plenty more than those who don’t.